Tall Order BMX Wallride Tyre / 2.35 / Black
Tall Order BMX

Tall Order BMX Wallride Tyre / 2.35 / Black

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Tall Order BMX Wallride Tyre / 2.35 / Black



Tall Order Wallride Tyre - Black 2.35"

This 2.35' tyre is a thicker, wider and more durable version of the hugely popular Wallride tyre. This tyre provides maximum grip on any terrain and feels very comfortable on trails and dirt courses.

This tyre is made from a classic compound for all-a round balance between grip, rolling resistance and durability.

The Wallride tyre seems have the ability to dramatically improve the look of any bike they are put on. If your bike is feeling old and boring bring it back to life with a pair of the most popular BMX tyre in years.

Weight 681g (24oz) 



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