Stolen Brand BMX Magnum Front Wheel / Black
Stolen Brand

Stolen Brand BMX Magnum Front Wheel / Black

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  • Stolen Brand BMX Magnum Front Wheel / Black

    The Stolen Magnum Front BMX Wheel features low profile, thick hub flanges to ensure they don't hold-up when grinding and for additional strength when the riding gets demanding. To ensuring spoke lacing integrity the rim spoke holes are offset and the spoke holes in the hub are recessed to provide additional strength and security. This hub features female axle bolts to hold it in place, which provide greater structural and torsional stress relief than traditional axle & nuts; this creates a flex-free, more responsive front wheel that ensures rider confidence when hitting any feature.

    Superior Strength, Durability and Life-Span

    Equipped with a true Street rim, the Chamber rim features a unique chambered sidewall construction to significantly increase strength and to reduce pinch flats and sidewall stress issues. Its design features an offset spoke pattern and precision welded seam to ensure superior strength, stability and a long-life for whatever you put it through; it's ready to handle anything you can throw at it.


    • Material: Rim, Hub: 6061 Aluminium; Axle: CrMo; Nipples: Brass
    • Axle: 10mm
    • Bearings: Sealed (x2)
    • Axle Bolts: 3/8"x24 TPI Female Bolts
    • Spokes: Lacing: 3-cross
    • Drilling: 36h

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