Stolen Brand BMX Hive LP Tyre / Pink
Stolen Brand

Stolen Brand BMX Hive LP Tyre / Pink

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Stolen Brand BMX Hive LP Tyre / Pink

The Stolen Hive LP BMX Tyre is the most recent evolution in Stolen tyres. This tyre is the Low-Pressure version and performs at its best at inflation pressures between 55-65 psi; providing awesome grip and comfort. Featuring a tread design from the super-efficient Bee Hive pattern and applying it to a tyre is a genius idea. When riding upright it provides awesome rolling speed and stability. However, when leaning over to turn and manoeuvre it grips with superb traction and holds on like super-glue. This soft, sticky compound magically has a wear life similar to standard tyre compounds; this truly is an admirable performing tyre.

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