Fit Bike Co F/U Tyre / 2.4 / Black
Fit Bike Co

Fit Bike Co F/U Tyre / 2.4 / Black

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Fit Bike Co F/U Tyre / 2.4 / Black
Designed for riders that prefer low tyre pressure. Using a higher thread casing with more rubber in specific places our F/U tire is more resistant to pinch flats without being heavy. Proprietary V-Notched shoulder tread resists collapsing when run with low pressure.

F/U = FIT Under-inflated
Low resistance, fast rolling design centre tread
Grips all surfaces from slippery plazas to indoor parks
Decreased resistance on smooth sidewall band helps with faster grinds & easier "hard" spins
Relatively flat top for better rail rides, better carves, improved balance 
Keeps its shape at low PSI 
Directionless tread allows for rotation when worn at an angle from spinning primarily one way.
Inflated Width - 2.39" (61mm)
Inflated Diameter - 20.63" (524mm)
Max Pressure - 60 psi
Weight - 24.9 oz


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