Matt Nicklen's Hoffman Taj Bike Check

I had to build a bike that I always wanted with parts that I never had the chance to run! 

Many of the SFL’s had Taj frames way back and I’m stoked to get my hands on this reissue!

I’ve been living my best Hoffman life for a while, from landing my 1st flair to having loads of injuries. The brand seemed appropriate for me.

- Matt 

Parts list:

Frame: Hoffman Bikes Taj re-issue.

This is the entire inspiration for the build, I spotted that @t77bmx had the frame for sale and he offered to swap bits with me for the frame.

Fork:  Tall Order (a Georgey B donation)

Headset: Odyssey.

Stem: Hick.  I love this stem so much that I bought 2.  This is because of the knee saver clamp and the company being rider owned.

Bars: Fly Bikes Devon Smillie (low drag vibes)

Grips: We The People Hilt

Rims: Odyssey Hazard Lite (a dream come true, thanks to @t77bmx)

I had to drill 3 missing holes on these with the help of Leroy at @bmxmods.  Thanks!

Spokes: Halo.

Front Hub: Odyssey Vandero 2 with Ti bolts.

Rear Hub:  Tall Order with Ti bolts.

Spokes:  Halo.

Nipples:  Primo, blue.

Tyres: Primo V Monster 2.4  (good for the mid school look)

Cranks: Primo.

Matt Rich hit me with the red set of these but on the same day Leroy walked in with some black ones.  My front brake bike will have the spare set! Thanks guys.

Seat Post:  Shadow with rails.

Seat:  Shadow with rails.

Seat Clamp:  S&M Bikes quick release.  This came from Thunder Bike Shop to keep the bike beach cruising friendly!

Chain: Cult 510.

Sprocket:  Odyssey Chainwheel (swapped with local nipper, looks cool)

Pedals:  Shadow plastic.

Cranks: Odyssey lever & cable, Hick hanger, Dia Compe CNC caliper with Odyssey pads.

Hick sent me the hanger, I’m in love with it!  Thanks!


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