Lee Wills Bike Check

Frame: Fit Heartbreaker, 21 inch top tube.

Bars: Relic Void bars 8.8

Fork: S&M XLT Pitchfork

Stem: Profile Push stem.

Grips: Relic GR grips, T1 coffee cup bar ends.

Headset: Relic

Cranks: Profile 19mm with titanium axle. 

Pedals: DMR Vault Brendog 

Sprocket: DRG Quadsaw 30t

Chain: KMC 510

Bottom Bracket: FBM 

Seat / Seat Post: Relic

Seat clamp: S&M 

Front Wheel / Tyre: Odyssey Seven KA rim, Relic Hub, Relic 2.4 Flatout tyre.

Rear Wheel / Tyre: Odyssey Seven KA rim, Profile hub with titanium 10t driver, Relic 2.25 Flatout tyre.

Brakes: Relic, Shadow cable bridge, S&M cable. 

Brake Levers: Kink Restrain.

Gyro: There’s none of that sorcery here!

Pegs: It’s a chink free zone!

Hub Guards: No stunt nuts, no problem!

Any BMX Mods?  Some pedal pins have been removed and cut down as they’re insanely grippy out of the box, they’re still insanely grippy but I can move my feet now!   The bars have been cut down.


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