Chase & Dave Weighill Q&A

Stuie Mac is back! This time, he sits down with Chase and Dave Weighill from Weymouth, Dorset.

Dave is the dad, Chase is the kid. Their relationship embodies a unique level of respect, support and friendship.

Chase is progressing at an incredible rate, turning heads and dropping jaws at every session and contest.  

Dave is in no way 'washed up' or slowing down. He’s certainly not scared of sending an opposite fufanu on a sub box, for example. He’s a wild dude.  

This Q&A video will give you some insight into their characters and their history (you may even learn a little about horses, too)   

Their latest riding footage is to be featured on the upcoming Entity BMX Shop DVD titled ‘Nobody Dorset Better’.  The DVD will be released at the end of the year.


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